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Agile Technologies, Inc. Services

Looking for high-quality IBM consulting, implementation, training or administration? Agile Technologies, Inc. will provide you top talent in IBM Rational Services. Our Services are priced very competitively and we focus on effective delivery. On all of our engagements we provide our own Project Management to ensure that expectations are being met and that the channel of communication always remains open.

Agile Technologies, Inc provides services in the following areas:

  • Development Tool Installation & Configure (Including Right-Sizing)
  • Development Tool Implementation & Adoption
  • Development Tool & Methodology Training
  • Software Development Consolidation, Standards and Best Practices
  • Solutions Architecture and Thought-leadership
  • Tool Administration & Support (Including Maintenance Agreements)
  • Build & Deploy Implementation & Automation
  • Metrics, Reporting and Dashboards (Development & C-level)

RTC Implementation/Consulting (Adoption Strategy and Best Practices)

Many organizations are adopting IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC). Our firm has successfully implemented RTC across a number of large organizations (3000+ users). Our experience and leadership in this space is driving adoption practices and strategy throughout the industry.

We have learned what works and what doesn't, and have packaged our implementation strategies into RTC and Microsoft Project Plans. We know what steps must be performed and in what sequence. We work closely with an organization to truly understand its success criteria and strategically deliver according to plan. We can help your organization build a “Transformation Office/Team” to help deliver the change while minimizing impact to the business.

RTC Tool & Agile Method Training (Tool and Methodology Training)

We offer state-of-the-art training by certified trainers who understand not only how the tool works, but comprehensive industry standards and best practices in each area of the software development life-cycle (and how they fit together). We make every effort to help you achieve your training goals and will customize our training to exactly fit your organization's development processes and culture.

We have multiple delivery methods for our training:

  • Classroom
  • Online (Virtual Classroom)
  • Computer-Based Training (Self-Paced)

We offer a training library that includes not only tool areas and functionality, but also process and methodology training. Is your organization ramping up on Agile or collaborative practices? We can help you get there! Looking for more traditional or iterative practices? We will help your Project Management and Leadership organizations understand proven industry practices.

In alignment with our other offerings, our training is strategically crafted to deliver:

  • Comprehensive material
  • Maximum long-term retention
  • Clear and easy to understand delivery
  • Customized to your organization's processes (HOW You Work)

RTC Tool Integrations & Automation & Plug-in Development

Your software development life-cycle consists of many tools and processes. In order to flow development across the life-cycle, you will need to integrate various tools, define and coordinate inputs/outputs, establish traceability, etc.. The more mature your organization's processes the higher level of automation you can achieve. Automation will ensure consistency and predictability.

Need a connection between HP ALM and RTC? There are only a few commercially available tools in this space. We have experience in the tool selection process and can tell you pros and cons of each. We have successfully implemented numerous integrations and can deploy a solution for your company.

Our automation consultants abstract the core processes you have defined from the tooling layer and will establish a technology automation framework which bridges the gap for your delivery hand-offs. Technology selection is then reviewed against your core requirements and tools are then mapped to various functions across your development life-cycle. Proof-of-Technologies and Proof-of-Concepts are then deployed to review and confirm all requirements have been met. After user and stakeholder acceptance tested, an implementation project can roll the technology changes out to your organization.

We have worked with many organizations rolling out tool integration solutions, automation frameworks and custom plug-in development. We are happy to review your automation goals and co-develop a plan to get you where you need to go.

DevOps – Technology, Process, Quality, Continuous Delivery & Deployment Automation

As you continue to mature down the automation road, Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery, and Deployment Automation are all needed to achieve true efficiency, quality of builds, and appropriate level of testing to detect issues early and to safely maneuver what you need where. Additionally, build and deploy automation also couples with its infrastructure and environment counterparts. This intersection of technology, development process and quality assurance is called DevOps.

There are a number of factors that influence your success in DevOps:

  • Technology & Development Maturity
  • Company Culture (Silos, Communication Breakdown, Overlapping Technologies, etc..)
  • Implementation Team Selection (Capabilities & Experience)
  • Infrastructure Availability and Maturity

Many consulting firms make claims in their ability to help implement DevOps. Agile Technologies, Inc., has a proven background in implementing DevOps solutions. We are happy to share with you our implementation strategies and plans on what a successful DevOps depoyment looks like and your organization can achieve it. - Where people, information, and technology work together

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